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Phone: 1-888-237-5861

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ElectriSound Limited - PA
927 Yetta Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

ElectriSound Limited - OH
300 Weatherstone Dr #300
Wadsworth, OH 44281-7833

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Chris Rettger
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About ElectriSound

Learn more about ElectriSound and how we can help your organization:

ElectriSound's services include:

Event Management and Production

ElectriSound takes entire events from conception to production for every type of event. From fund-raisers, corporate events, festivals, or concerts, allow our professional staff to coordinate the logistics of your next event. Ensure seamless integration of all technical aspects of your event.

Some of ElectriSound's services include:
- "Invisible" theatrical sound reinforcement
- Concerts where you hear EVERY instrument in the band
- Large outdoor festivals with advanced features to meet event specific requirements
- Multi-track recording of live performances
- Digital audio networking for live events with Dante

ElectriSound uses its extensive event experience to help production professionals and novice event planners with a cutting edge event, ElectriSound will even develop customized procedures and curriculum for school theater or church ministry programs.

Sound System Solutions

ElectriSound can engineer new installations and retrofits to provide the best possible audio installations dependent on customer needs. Many other audio installations are performed on a low-bid basis resulting in less than adequate installations of supporting infrastructure.

ElectriSound works hard for their customers to rectify poor installations and ensure your venue is able to support your audio needs. ElectriSound will try to re-utilize existing equipment choices in retrofits; however this is not always possible or practical. If your organization is in need of an sound system installation contact ElectriSound first - not after another company completes a low-bid installation. It is usually cheaper to do it right the first time and certainly generates much less stress!

Did you purchase equipment from an internet reseller and not get the advice and support you needed?

This is the reason ElectriSound prefers to sell solutions, instead of just equipment, to our customers. ElectriSound understands the attractiveness of internet resellers, but often they leave customers with more questions than answers. ElectriSound can provide professional services to train and service equipment purchased through others.

Equipment Sales

ElectriSound is proud to sell products we believe in. ElectriSound is not interested in selling equipment to customers just to make a sale. We work with numerous brands to find the solution that best fits our customers' requirements and even engineer our own solutions when necessary.

A few of the best-selling or unique brands for ElectriSound include:
- KV2 Audio - Extreme Performance High Resolution speaker systems
- RCF Speakers - High Performance speaker systems
- JoeCo Recorders - Multi-channel digital recorders with digital networking
- Audio Technica - Flexible yet affordable wired or wireless microphones
- Samson / Hartke / Zoom - Affordable, unique audio solutions including the popular SE50 headset microphone
- SKB Cases - Unique, lightweight, and durable cases
- Wilson Cases - Custom ATA style cases
- Mackie - Affordable industry standard mixers and powered speakers
- Switchcraft - Connectors, Panels, and Patchbay solutions
- Whirlwind - Industry standard for custom portable cabling systems and unique gadget boxes

ElectriSound has an extensive selection of components used in our custom designs including but not limited to:
- Neutrik and Switchcraft Connectors
- Clark Wire
- Techflex cable protectors
- Hubbell and Marinco Power Products
- Heatshrink in numerous colors and sizes
- Professional labelling solutions
- Stainless steel hardware

ElectriSound is also a dealer, distributor, or partner seller for numerous other brands - we believe in the correct product for the application - not the most profitable sale.

Equipment Rentals

ElectriSound has an extensive inventory of rental equipment. When customers already have the skilled knowledge but need extra equipment to supplement their existing gear for an event, ElectriSound can fill the gaps. ElectriSound has over a hundred channels of wireless microphones, mixing consoles ranging from 4 to 64 channels, a wide variety of speakers, and many other pieces of equipment to fulfil any specific event requirements.

Misc Services

ElectriSound has a variety of power distribution systems including proprietary and pre-fabricated solutions. These can be used to provide temporary power at events where lack of power is a major concern. ElectriSound was one of the first sound companies to offer isolated power distribution prior to the digital revolution.

ElectriSound provides small lighting packages for customers utilizing our other services for the event. While we do not specialize in lighting, we can provide stunning lighting packages for smaller events. If you need something more than a basic package, ElectriSound has numerous contacts in the industry that will assist in providing more sophisticated lighting designs to fit the event's requirements.


Electrisound was formally created in 2005 by Chris Rettger and has since grown into a respected professional audio company. Chris has an unrivalled passion for excellent sounding audio and electrically correct installations which set ElectriSound and it's core philosophy apart. With a rapidly expanding base of highly satisfied customers ElectriSound is well poised to handle even the largest of projects. ElectriSound has a staff with diverse backgrounds in electrical engineering, network engineering, enterprise software management, as well as concentrations in our core competency areas of audio production, and installation management.

ElectriSound Limited operates in the Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio areas as an LLC. ElectriSound must collect sales tax for purchases in PA and OH.

ElectriSound is also a primary member of an industry co-operative called ElectriGraham where both ElectriSound and Graham Audio have combined forces for larger projects to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and service. While the two companies continue to operate separately, we provide unified contact and project management for customers.